Occupational Health & Safety

This field is about ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of employees at any place of work. At ConServ, we believe that maintaining a high standard of compliance is not just about meeting legal obligations, but also an effort in reducing costs and improving productivity.


In Malta, health & safety is covered by the Occupational Health & Safety Act of 2000, amended by Act XXXII and Legal Notice 426 in 2007. All companies employing five or more people are duty bound to provide evidence of their legal compliance. On the other hand smaller companies need only to prove that they ensure the safety of their employees. Non-compliance results in the payment of fines, damaging of one’s corporate image and the risk of tarnishing one’s relationship with their employees.

At ConServ, we help companies to comply with all legal requirements affecting that particular company. We provide advisory on the legal matters applicable to your company and perform on site risk assessments to validate your standard of compliance. Risk assessments will provide you with a gap analysis and project-oriented guidelines towards full compliance.


Reaching and maintaining compliance is not always a straightforward process. Choosing ConServ will allow you to implement changes at a pace that fits your organisation. Having extensive experience working with both top management and on-duty personnel, we adjust to the company’s dynamics and corporate culture to bring about successful changes where you need it.


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